Cable Cost vs Online TV Option Costs

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Cable Tv Mess of CordsSo you’re tired of paying your hard earned money buying cable television. The same shows are shown over and over with the same networks on different channels. You just keep watching your bill grow monthly. The average cable bill is running in triple digits.

You can get rid of your cable one word of caution cable now provides your internet service as well as your landline (for those of us who still have one) so don’t expect the whole bill to go away you still need some of their services.

Expect to still pay for your internet as you will need the internet to streamline your favorite shows. However you can easily cut your bill in half by going cable less.
My cable bill runs about two hundred dollars a month. This also includes my internet and landline. If I cancel the cable part of the bill I would save about seventy dollars a month. This seems like a substantial amount of money for cable services. Let’s do some math and see what I would really save if I used streamlining devices.

You will need to decide what you do watch on cable and make a list to determine how to be able to continue viewing your preferred programming. I watch my local news, Criminal Minds, A Haunting, The Big Bang Theory and some HGTV programming. My husband watches some science fiction movies and sports. This does not seem to be a huge list of things we actually sit down and watch. This makes me wonder why I have cable to begin with.

If you watch ABC, CBS, and NBC you should be able to see these programs online these major networks offer streaming on your computer and other devices. I have a cord that runs from my laptop to my TV monitor for viewing slide shows but have never tried to use it for TV. You will need to streamline from your laptop, BLU ray, computer or game console to watch these networks. Make sure you have a fast internet speed or you will end up spending most of your time watching programming load.

There are others as well that can be streamlined for a small fee. Netflix and Hulu are popular and are cost effective for movies and some TV shows. These will run you about eight dollars a month each. There are services like Amazon Fire TV that runs around eighty dollars a year. If you have Prime Amazon than a lot of the programming is free. However many are pay to rent to watch the movies. Theserun about three dollars apiece to watch. There is also the old fashioned antenna. You can buy a good antenna for about one hundred dollars and run it to your TV.

This should enable you to pick up your local programming. It is all up to you which services you would like to purchase. This depends on what shows are really important to you and which shows you can easily tune out.

The monthly cost breakdown
Netflix $7.99
Hulu $7.99

One-time costs
TV Antenna $100.00
Antenna Cable $40.00

This averages out to $27.64 per month and shows an average savings of $42.36 per month. What can I do with $42.36 extra a month? This would fill up my gas tank for a week. I think it may be time to drop the cable.

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Internet Speeds and Streaming Videos Online

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Traffic SpeedOver the past several years there have been an endless amount of video streaming sites launching all over the internet. Streaming videos online has quickly become an extremely popular internet activity, simply because there are no files that have to be downloaded. Streaming videos provides users with a continuous stream of data, sent to them in compressed form through the internet, allowing them to be able to watch internet videos, webcasts, live events, television shows, movies, and even live music in real-time instead of in a download that they would have to wait and watch later.

What You Need To Stream Videos

Anyone who wants to stream videos online will need to have a fast internet connection, as well as a special program or player that will de-compress the audio and video data that gets sent to them through the internet. This special player will transfer the video to the viewers display and then transfer the audio to the viewers speakers. This special player or program can be installed already within certain web browsers or a viewer can download a player online from the software providers website.

Why Internet Speed Is Important For Streaming Videos

If you do not have a fast enough internet connection or speed, than downloading or streaming your favorite television shows or movies simply will not work. A slow internet connection will cause your movies and shows to load at an extremely slow speed, if at all, and cause a whole array of additional problems. Having a slow internet connection, your videos will consistently buffer throughout video play and you will.experience some playback issues including frozen frames and a significant amount of lag. With that being said, of you want to have the best video streaming experience, you will need to have a internet speed of at least 1.5 Mbps, but the higher Mbps you have, the better your experience will be. You can easily test your internet speed using any of the free programs available online.

How To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

In the event that you discover your internet speed is not fast enough for video streaming, there are several steps that you can take to make it faster. To begin, if you are using a wireless internet connection, try switching to a wired connection. A wired connection will provide you with a consistent speed, while a wireless connection speed will depend on the particular device used, how much interference there is, and what the transfer speed is. More so, you can also increase your internet speed by reducing the quality of your video stream, as well as by reducing your displays resolution.

Even more so, you can increase your internet speed by keeping an eye on your other bandwidth intensive applications. These applications such as Skype, Gaming, and File Sharing, should not be running on your network at the same time that you are trying to stream your videos because it can cause a significant slow down. Additionally, if you cannot seem to get your internet speed up to the speed that you need, you can contact your internet service provider and discuss with them how much it would cost to get a faster internet connection and the various options that are available to you.

Where To Stream Videos Online?

Once a viewer has their internet speed up to Parr and they have the player they need, they are ready to begin streaming videos. There are several video streaming sites available online where users can stream videos such as July, Amazon, and Netflix. Users can do a free trial to see which site they prefer, which one has better quality content, a wider selection, etc. There are also several sites online that are completely free to use for streaming video. To get started on any of the video streaming sites, users can simply create an account and follow the steps listed on their site.

US vs International Video Streaming Differences

There are a few international vs USA streaming differences to take note of.  Without some sort of software workaround, international Netflix streaming options are not as broad as the USA Netflix streaming options.  While I’m not certain why this is, the reality of the situation is that its a concern for Canadians and Latin American countries.  These countries tend to want similar content to what is available to Americans but they have restricted Netflix streaming options.

Of course someone has found a way around this issue and if your willing to get a VPN, you to can access the Netflix American Streaming Library from anywhere outside the USA.

Benefits Of Streaming Videos Online

There are many benefits to streaming videos online other than being able to watch them in real-time. Streaming videos online instead of downloading them will not only save space on your computer or device, but it will also prevent the accidental download or harmful files or viruses. Additionally, streaming videos will give users more of a selection to pick from including videos, T.V shows, and live events, as well as allow users to watch what they want to watch no matter where they are.

Even more so, streaming videos online has been proven to save people money. When you are able to stream videos it eliminates the need to purchase expensive pay per view or cable movies, as well as eliminates the need for having to make over priced trips to get in-store movie rentals. Furthermore, when streaming videos online, you can stream videos that your entire family will love without having to sit and wait for it to download.

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